Central Asia and Regional Power Play

In her debut episode, senior journalist and host of this season of Beyond Nation & State, Smita Sharma is going to talk about a region which hardly finds mention or coverage in Indian mainstream media but it should. She was recently in Uzbekistan to cover a constitutional referendum under its strongman President Mirziyoyev.

So why talk about Uzbekistan? Because the country is opening up and transforming at a great speed with implications for the region and India. The former Soviet republics in the Central Asian region- Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan – have large swathes of territory rich in natural resources and with geo strategic importance. The Central Asian countries are also the key driving force within the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation that India is chairing this year. PM Modi will host the SCO Heads of States and Governments in July.

While in Tashkent- the beautiful Uzbek capital, Smita sat down to speak to a renowned journalist and analyst Dr. Beruniy Alimov…

Ҳиндистонлик ҳамкасбим Смита Шарма билан Тошкентда референдум куни ўтказган суҳбатимиз подкасти эълон қилинибди. Қуйида линк:

Happy to share that Smita Sharma, an independent journalist, my Indian colleague and IIMC Alumni is hosting a Foriegn Policy podcast series Beyond Nation and State on Suno India. You can download the app, podcast is also available on Spotify and Apple. 

Smita writes that, “on the first episode a deep dive into the transformations within Uzbekistan, regional power play in Central Asia and SCO and the implications for India. I spoke to noted journalist and analyst Dr. Beruniy Alimov, Founder and Director, New Media Education Center in Tashkent and former Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Latvia and Sweden Ashok Sajjanhar in Delhi”. 

 – https://open.sunoindia.in/?eId=f3d2aa32-adf9-46e1-b16f-b013008f3618&pN=Beyond%20Nation%20&%20States